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Algeria celebrates the 59th anniversary of its Independence

5th July 1962 - 5th July 2021

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Algerian Press

Algeria is celebrating, on the 5th of July, proclaimed the " Independence and Youth Day", the
59th anniversary of its independence. This event is the greatest achievement of the Algerian People
against the French colonial power. They opposed a fierce resistance to the French colonial rule
since the 5th of July 1832 when French army invaded the country.

During I32years of colonial presence, Algerians resisted by all means the attempts of the French
colonial authorities to destroy their identity and their social structures. They faced massacres,
hunger, exploitation and misery caused by the destructive acts of the French colonial power which
intended to break down any spirit of resistance of the Algerian People. In vain.

After the massacres of the 8th May 1945 where 45000 Algerians died in martyrs, the Algerian
People rose up as one man to definitively break down the colonial yoke on the 1st November 1954
launching one of the greatest liberation struggles of the 20th century. It was a terrible war which
lasted 8 years, claiming the life of 1,5 million martyrs.

This struggle paved the way for the independence of Algeria achieved thanks to the supreme
sacrifices of the Algerian People who overwhelmingly voted for the independence through a
referendum of self-determination on the 1st of July 1962. The independence of the country was
proclaimed on the 5th July 1962.

Faithful to its history and to the founding principles of the 1st November Revolution, Algeria has
supported and still supports actively all African Peoples and others throughout the world, who
claimed and still claim their right for independence and freedom.
Glory and Eternity to our martyrs

Long live Algeria

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