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Official Name:        People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Capital:                   Algiers

Independence:      July 5, 1962

National Day:        Anniversary of the Revolution-November 1st (1954).

Constitution:        Constitution revised on 7th March 2016.

President:             The President is elected for a five year term by direct, secret and universal suffrage.

Parliament:           Bicameral: 
                               The Council of the Nation 
                               The National People’s Assembly

Language:             Arabic and Tamazight are the national and official languages. 

Population:            42,200,000 million as on 1st January 2018

Religion:                Islam is the religion of the State.

Currency:              Algerian Dinar (DZN)

Local Time:           G.M.T. + 1

Telephone Code:  +213

Area:                     2 381 741 Km²

Main Cities:          Algiers - Oran - Constantine - Annaba

Located in North Africa, Algeria is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on the north, Morocco, Western Sahara and Mauritania on the west, Mali and Niger on the south, and Libya and Tunisia on the east.

Mediterranean in the costal areas.
Semiarid in the mid-South.
Arid in the South.

Administrative Organisation:

Algeria is divided into 48 wilayas (provinces/regions) and 1,541 baladiyahs (municipalities).

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