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First registration

First Registration 

Consular registration and the issuance of a consular registration card are processed for citizens aged 19 years and older. For an Algerian woman married with an Algerian national she can be registered as a subsidiary along with the husband principal registration as well as children under 19, they are registered with the parents as subsidiary.

Please provide the following documents when applying for consular registration:

  1. First registration application form filled in and signed by the applicant;

  2. Original birth certificate (copie intégrale E.C. 12);

  3. Original father’s birth or death certificate;

  4. Applicants born abroad (outside Algeria) must provide the birth or death certificate of their grand-father or a certificate of Algerian nationality;

  5. Copy of proof of legal residence in Namibia (work permit, study permit, business permit…);

  6. Proof of address in the country of residence (Copy of any utility bill);

  7. Four (4) recent passport-sized photographs;

  8. Proof of employment or enrolment certificate for students;

  9. Copy of the marriage certificate (for married citizens);

  10. Original Algerian passport and photocopies of the two first pages and the pages containing the entrance visa and the residence permit,

  11. A stamped self-addressed envelope when applying by mail (for the safety of your documents, we recommend a recorded delivery envelope).

Registration renewal

Registration Renewal

Please note that the documents needed for the renewal of the consular registration are the same as for the first one. However, and in order to make things easier, some documents will not be requested, such as the birth certificate (unless there is a change in the applicant's situation).

Hence, for the renewal of the Consular Registration, the following documents must be provided:

  1. Registration renewal application form duly filled and signed by the applicant;

  2. Previous registration card;

  3. Two (2) recent and similar passport-sized photographs;

  4. Copy of proof of legal residence in the Namibia (leave to remain, student visa, work permit visa, Namibia passport.);

  5. Proof of activity or enrolment certificate for the students;

  6. Proof of address in the Namibia (any utility bill, tenancy agreement ...);

  7. Stamped self-addressed envelope when applying by post.


If the application was made by post, the processing time will take up to 5 working days, otherwise it can be processed on the same day if the applicant visits the consulate in person.

Transfer of registration file

Transfer of registration file

Algerian Nationals already registered at an Algerian Embassy or Consulate abroad and currently residing permanently in Namibia should ask for the transfer of their Registration file.

This procedure is carried out by the Consular service at the Embassy and new registration at the Embassy is granted as soon as the file is transferred. (In some cases, the agreement of competent authorities in Algeria is needed).

Required Documents:

  1. File transfer application form;

  2. First registration application form;

  3. Original of the current consular registration card;

  4. Original and a copy of the evidence of legal residency in the country of residence;

  5. Four (04) similar recent passport size photographs.


Additional documents related to the applicant's personal or professional profile may be requested.

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