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In commemoration of the 62 nd anniversary of Independence and Youth Day, celebrated this year under the slogan: "A glorious feast and an alliance with renewal", the Algerian Embassy in Windhoek organized a special ceremony in honor of the national community resident in Namibia, in the presence of a number of invited Namibian students, graduates of Algerian universities, embassy staff and their families.

The program included the raising of the flag, the playing of the national anthem, the laying of a bouquet of flowers and the reading of the Fatiha in memory of our innocent martyrs, followed by the screening of a documentary and a revolutionary film on the occasion.

In his address on this occasion, the Algerian Ambassador to Namibia, Mr. Diaf Abdelkrim, recalled the great sacrifices made by the Algerian people to achieve their freedom and independence, noting the many achievements accomplished by our country at all levels and in all fields, the great attention paid by the country's highest authorities to our national community established abroad, and the various measures taken to take charge of their affairs and concerns and confer on them the desired position enabling them to contribute to the process of national renewal.

The ceremony, which took place in an atmosphere of fraternity and pride, was also marked by the organization of a cultural competition for the children of our national community, which included questions and drawings relating to Algeria and its long and honorable history, at the end of which they were rewarded with symbolic gifts that left a fond memory in their hearts and those of their parents.

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