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My dear compatriots residing in the Republic of Namibia;

I greet you! Dear sisters, dear brothers;

It is a real privilege and a real pleasure to be able to address you, first of all, to convey to you the fraternal and warm greetings of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid TEBBOUNE, who registered, among his 54 commitments for the construction of the New Algeria, and its highest priorities of the hour, the preservation of the dignity and the protection of the moral and material interests of the national Community abroad, and has taken important measures, for the benefit of this Community, some of which have not yet produced their full effects.

Dear sisters, dear brothers;

I would like to express my personal greetings to you and to convey to you all my will and my availability to be close to each and every one of you and to work with you to carry out the program of the President of the Republic in your favour, and, more generally, in the service of Algeria.

In all humility, it is for me the greatest honour to represent and serve Algeria and, at its helm, Mr. Abdelmadjid TEBBOUNE, President of the Republic, in the Republic of Namibia, an historical and strategic partner.

I would like to pay a vibrant tribute to these great figures of Algerian diplomacy and to express my gratitude to them for all the knowledge that I have acquired from each of them and which will certainly be very useful and precious to me in the accomplishment of this new and important mission that the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid TEBBOUNE, has entrusted to me. The objective circumstances of my arrival in Windhoek a few days ago compelled me to give all my attention, first of all to the imperative obligations inherent to my mission, without however diverting me from the sacrosanct duty to greet you.

My first words will be to tell you that the process of setting up an institutional building, in line with the requirements of the construction of the New Algeria, has, very recently, culminated with the organization of the elections of the APC/APW and the official installation, by the President of the Republic, of the Constitutional Court. These results are also those of the Algerian people whose tremendous patriotic spirit has enabled Algeria to overcome adversity and open a new page in its history made up of hope and faith in a better, egalitarian tomorrow for all, in an Algeria more in line with the requirements of the modern era.

The great faith of the Algerian people in their country and their firm will to preserve it from the pitfalls which threaten it deserve to be saluted. There is no doubt that the challenges remain, but Algeria has the means to meet them. From now on, all the conditions have been met so that all Algerians, wherever they may be, gather around the founding elements of the new Algeria and national interests and build together the Algeria of tomorrow in which the new generations will be able to experience the fulfilment to which they have always aspired, so legitimately. This promising future, Algeria wants and can build it.

Its strategic partners, among which the Republic of Namibia occupies an important place, are ready, in the mutual interest, to associate themselves with its gigantic effort of recovery, on all levels and, in particular, in the economic and social level. Algeria has great ambitions for its partnership with Namibia. In this spirit, and now that the major constraints imposed by the global health crisis are increasingly giving way to the hope of seeing life fully resume its rights, in a future that we all hope is not too distant, a program of bilateral cooperation with a precise timetable will be gradually implemented. Even if the Covid-19 pandemic remains of intensity that calls for constant vigilance, the actions carried out with determination, in Algeria and everywhere else in the world, to meet the multiple challenges inherent to it, are producing results which do not exclude relative satisfaction and, beyond that, the hope of better days.

The determination necessary to prevent it from continuing to hamper, for longer and more, the deployment of human activity, in all fields and, in particular, in the economic and social spheres, is strongly manifested through the lifting of the lockdown, with, of course, the preservation of strict compliance with preventive barrier measures. In this context, from the start of 2022, actions of exceptional concreteness will be undertaken with the aim of enabling bilateral cooperation to live up to the expectations of the two countries and the two peoples.

Dear compatriots;

Established on Namur territory, the accomplishment of the national duty that the mother country expects of you is, in particular, your contribution to the achievement of two major tasks which are decisive for the future of Algeria, to which President Abdelmadjid TEBBOUNE devotes all his energy, namely, the major reforms aimed at deepening the democratic process and building a more modern, more efficient and more prosperous national economy. I want to assure you that you will continue to benefit from the constant attention and interest of the consular service in Windhoek.

Remaining fully available for any contact, at any time, as I undertake to remain permanently at your service, with the objective of serving you better and serving, together, our New Algeria, I would like to present to you, at name of all the staff of the Embassy of Algeria in Windhoek, and on my own behalf, our best and sincere wishes, for you and your families, of good health, much happiness and success in all your projects, throughout the year 2022.

Very good and happy New Year! 

Warm brotherly greetings

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