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01 November 2022, marked the 68th Anniversary of the Revolution of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, celebrated on, 9 November 2022 in Windhoek. His Excellency Mr. Saudi Seddik, Ambassador of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria to Namibia stated the excellent political relationship between Algeria and Namibia is rooted in the historic ties from the symbiosis of their struggles for liberation from colonialism and the yoke of apartheid regime. He expressed satisfaction that the strengthening of these relations of friendship and solidarity has grown through a tradition of dialogue on regional and international issues of common interest. In a statement delivered by Hon. Faustina Caley, Deputy Minister of Education, Arts, and Culture, she warmly congratulated the Government and People of Algeria on this memorable occasion. Hon. Caley stated that Algeria and Namibia are both committed to self-determination and national independence for people under colonial bondage; in Africa to the valiant and heroic people of Western Sahara and in the Middle East, to the courageous people of Palestine. The Independence Day celebrations were celebrated in a jovial atmosphere and showed the satisfaction of bilateral relations that is currently enjoyed by the two countries are enjoying.

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